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The quality of FAJS INNOTECH j.d.o.o. has been recognised by the institutions of the European Union that support our project titled:

strengthening the capacities of the company fajs innotech j.d.o.o. with the aim of creating the conditions for the development of highly innovative products and services

​The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Structural and Investment Funds in the financial period of 2014-2020 (European Regional Development Fund).

The primary aim of the project is to increase the competitiveness of our office by procuring:

which would facilitate a quicker and higher-quality creation and realisation of future projects.

The secondary aim of the project is to improve the existing business processes currently used in the creation of “KNOW HOW” services as well as the process of sales and strategic planning as a whole. Educating employees for work with the latest technology contributes to the development of the company and creates a higher-quality environment for work and processes. New work tools will contribute to the service quality and client satisfaction.

The general aim of the project is focused on the development of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship in Međimurje County as well as the development of new competences and safeguarding jobs.

The specific aims are aimed at improving the existing business processes by introducing new technologies, which contributes to the development of the competitiveness of the company and increases the employment rate.

The expected results include increased income from the sales of the „KNOW HOW“ service, safeguarded jobs and recruitment of at least one new person.

The total project value amounts to HRK 125,975.06, while the total EU grant amounts to HRK 113,377.55.

The project was implemented from 15 February 2017 until 15 May 2017.

Contact person:
Lucijan Fajs

address: Cakovecka 16
40305 Nedelisce
phone:+ 385 (0) 40 821 763
fax:+ 385 (0) 40 821 763

Contact information of the relevant institutions:

European Structural and Investment Funds

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